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Literary Values In a Political Age

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Something to Talk About
Victor D. Infante

Not long ago, former United Nations ambassador John Bolton appeared as a guest on “The Daily Show with John Stewart.” It was an odd, almost uncomfortable affair, with an obviously hostile audience booing the mention of the man’s name. Bolton responded to Stewart’s questions by flat-out asserting that he was wrong without backing up his facts, including a rebuff of Stewart’s assertion that Lincoln staffed his Cabinet with people of divergent views. (more)

“24” State Propaganda for Torture?

Matt Cornell
Amélie Frank
Suzie Kaplan-Olmsted
Marc Olmsted
Eric See

MARC OLMSTED: How all this got started:

November 3rd Club nonfiction co-editor Richard Modiano forwarding a New Yorker article to me voicing a lot of concerns about “24”, which Richard backed up with some comments from Matt Cornell (which I hope Matt reproduces in some way – they were quite good). Probably the biggest concern was how glibly torture reared its head, particularly at the hands of our hero Jack Bauer. I was never comfortable with this element, which in some ways spun out of a James Bond Cold War brutality but took on a disturbing new scent in our current political clime. The New Yorker article goes on to link its effect to fostering Gitmo mentalities in new soldiers. (more)

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