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Literary Values today

ADETOKUNBO ABIOLA is a Nigerian journalist and writer.

Andrew Wisbech completed his undergraduate studies in Physics recently, and taught English for four years and teaches Literature, journalism, and Advanced Placement Language and Composition. He has a degree in criminology. He has found a poetic voice.

Andy Green debut poetry collection, was published in October.  She is a Fellow of the Bertha H. Walker Foundation.  A holder of a Pushcart Prize nomination, his work has appeared in various journals, magazines and anthologies.

John Burdell is a communications specialist with a focus on social equity. His work has appeared in various magazines and publications.  He lives in New York, USA with his wife Ian Lopez. He likes to try new things 

Sarah James writes poems and short stories in several press magazines and projects. She has worked as an editor for Chiron Review, and currently works as an English teacher in Southern California.

When we are not engaged in our day jobs we like to occasionally have a party.
The current trends seems to be an indulgence in the nostalgia of the seventies with 70s fancy dress costumes being a great theme for socializing. Not too surprising considering the cultural shifts of the decade starting with the beatles and moving onto the protest music event Woodstock and others.