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Literary Values In a Political Age

The Personal Is Political
Richard Beban

Angela Y. Davis wrote a hugely entertaining and illuminating book on pioneering women blues singers a few years back (1998), which I just discovered and bought at City Lights, San Francisco's independent bookstore and poets' Mecca.

Language and Symbolism in the 2008 Election

Tony Brown
Brian Dauth
Bob Hoeppner
Guy LeCharles Gonzalez
Mindy Nettifee
Genevieve Van Cleve
Manufacture a Fast and straightforward Pirate Costume

So you want to swagger just like Captain Jack Sparrow while sipping grog? May seem enjoyable but first you might want to fit the part! Making a pirate costume is enjoyable as well as simple and just the single thing for halloween costume functions and Halloween night, or even a styled Rennaisance event! You don't need to discover how to sew to have a fantastic pirate costume.Get ready to create a fantastic pirate look for your future party so you can swashbuckle with the best of any of them.

Most of what you need for a pirate costume can be bought or salvaged - adjusting shirts may be the best means for anyone to make yourself into a pirate. Purchase a few tight-fitted black or brown pants or, in case you prefer, purchase some baggy pants and chop them just beneath the knee in a zigzag pattern. Pirate wenches can easily put on long or short dresses and cut the bottom hem in a sloppy, torn trend too. A white long-sleeved top that fits freely works well - bonus points if it is ruffled like a Victorian clothing! Any black, red, or brown jacket could work for a pirate; ladies vests should be super tight and men's must be long and loose.

Don't forget about all of the fantastic ribbons it will take to be a truly fashionable pirate! Boots and shoes are important; adult men can dress in sandals, loafers, or taller military-style boots in black or brown when they can find them and some women can easily wear ankle or knee high footwear to become a really saucy pirate wench. Caps, bandannas, feathers, and beads are good fashion accessories for any stylish pirate costume. Pick up a stuffed toy parrot to prop up on your shoulder and always keep as your feathered first mate perhaps even give him a tiny hat!

Absolutely no pirate fashion is finished without a wide belt or sash, jewelery and other swindled accessories for example earrings, bracelets, bands, additional beads or scarves. Include scary anchor, heart, or treasure-themed false tattoo designs or scars with paint or cosmetics to ensure that you seem to be a tough pirate. Achieve that suave Captain Jack Sparrow appearance with a little extra eye liner and also fake eyelashes for the females. Have all the appropriate extras just like a treasure chart, eye patch, compass or hook so you look prepared for a high seas treasure hunt together with your crew.

A number of these products can be obtained and purchased at local clothing retailers, thrift shops, costume sites, toy and party retailers, or even yard sales. Do not overestimate the effectiveness of secondhand, borrowed, and adjusted clothing when applying your new pirate costume jointly. If you're buying a person's apparel, then think about ripping them up and using markers or make-up to make them seem old, old, and tainted to look like a accurate scalawag. If you know anything about stitches it will help alter your pirate

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